November 11, 2009

Because it was asked for...

So...I check up on the Horner household through Mindy's blog. I happened to stumble on her post about window mistreatments. I was interested in it, did some research, and thought hey I can do this. And my day off from school, I gave it a shot! I had previous plans for the windows involving number 2 and number 3 making a window box and then me cover it with fluff and fabric. After 3 months of waiting, I took matters into my own hands, of course with the help of the Nester by way of Mindy. They are almost finished products...just lacking a little black ribbon hot glue along the bottom. In true tradition, I guess I need to name my glue gun.

PS I also did a ragamuffin garland that I love. I'm going to hang it over the sliding glass doors and put my Christmas cards (hint hint) on them too!!!

January 28, 2009

Maui Wow-wee

Watch out Maui...the Seals :) are headed your way on June 21st!
Thanks to Scott and his years of traveling we are able to head off to the island
solely on frequent flier miles!

Sandy beaches...romantic sunsets...fresh, delicious pineapple...
days and days of just me and my guy!!!!

January 19, 2009

Bridesmaid Fun Day!

Today was a fanstastic day off from school...Bridesmaid Fun Day!!!

Angela, Jessica, Peggy, Mom, me and the Godmother Mafia had a day of fun planned! We started out with lunch at Salad Creations...which is absolutely delish! It's at the Blakeney shopping center if you are in the Matthews area.

The godmother mafia got there ahead of time and told the servers about Bridesmaid Fun Day and the people there were super friendly.

We all piled into cars and traveled down to SC to Poffie Girls to look for bridesmaid dresses. The girls put on a great fashion show, but nothing wowed everyone!

We made a second stop at Bedazzled and hit the jackpot. Of course they tried on a couple of dozen dresses (and were such troopers) but we found the one! The dresses are ordered and that is one more thing to cross off the list!

We finished the day with a trip to the movies to watch Bride Wars. A few tears were shed by all at different points in the movie...but it was great!!!!

Bridesmaids Fun Day was a success!!!

PS (Did you know that the wedding is officially five months tomorrow! FIVE MONTHS!)

January 5, 2009

What to Throw

Sad day...

The reception place won't let me have sparklers to send Scott and I off at the end of the wedding. My heart was set on those. And now I don't know what to do! So all of your brilliant minded people that read this blog, I need your help.

Birdseed just doesn't sound fun to me. Bubbles won't be visible because it is going to be late in the evening when we are going to leave. What else is there?

January 3, 2009

Wait...there's a what???

So while I was in Florida, Scott and I made a little run to the grocery store. We made a list of what I was going to cook while I was there and even planned for a night for him to take me out to dinner. I can get used to this!!! We went to the grocery store-where I realized that I am going to have to learn my way around a new store (one of the things that I didn't think about when I move). We checked out and as I was starting to help put the groceries in the trunk, he said "There's a certain way that they go in. Some things go in the back seat, some go in the back of the trunk and some go in the front of the trunk." ??????? Seriously! I just put my groceries in the trunk and go! Guess I have a lot to learn about the married life!

January 2, 2009

A Little Tea

So my fabulous mother...over Thanksgiving break did a little investigating in Sunset Beach and discovered this quaint little tea room, which is a part of the Southern Association of Tea Businesses. (I didn't know that existed)

With a little colaboration between my godmothers, they decided that it would be a perfect place to have a bridesmaid and family get together. (Girls only, of course!) So at 2 on the day before I become Stacie Seal, I will be surrounded by my and new family, godmothers and bridesmaids enjoying an afternoon of tasty treats.

November 19, 2008


I just realized that I stopped with the "Meet the Bridal Party" after Angela my maid of honor! So here is my other two girls that will be standing by me on June 20!

Meet Jessica:
Jessica and I met when she took over a third grade teacher's classroom in January. We were both trying to get our first classrooms under control and didn't really have time to chitchat. A little bit of school drama later and Jess and I were friends. Jess is great and I can always count on her for a reality check and a late night dance party. We have been living together for almost two years now and what a pair we are! I decorate...she cleans. I make dinner...she makes lunch. Not only do we live and teach together, we have almost completely survived grad school, coach Girls on the Run, and get ourselves into a whole bunch of crazy adventures.

Meet Peggy:
Peggy is my next door school neighbor. We met two years ago and I really had no idea how great of friends we would become. I honestly feel like part of her and Ronnie's family. Between weekly dinners and vacations and making Christmas cookies and more her and Ronnie and their family are friends I can't live without. Even though I have only known her for two years...I feel like she has been a life long friend. She makes me smile and laugh. She is always there.

I am very lucky to have these girls to stand by me.